Technical services

adriainspekt applies sophisticated quality control procedures to evaluate the safety, reliability and efficiency of complex industrial projects.

We know that good management of technology is good for your business.

We render the following services:

  • Quality assurance (QA) & quality control (QC) of products, processes and services
  • Inspection of capital equipment during manufacturing & transport
  • Review & supervision of technical documents
  • Acquisition of construction terms data
  • Supervision & coordination of participants activities in construction projects
  • Supervision and monitoring of capital programme performance with regard to expenditures, construction schedule & terms
  • Acceptance & final statement of accounts of capital projects
  • Supervision of job performance
  • Inspection & supervision of welding
  • Destructive testing of metal constructions
  • Non-destructive testing methods:
    • radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, vacuum, infrared detection
  • Laboratory testing of products & materials
  • Inspection & by thermal video equipment
  • Inspection & reconstruction of defects at constructions, pressure vessels and pipelines
  • Witnessing to laboratory testing (manufacturer/institute)
  • Inspection of calibrating storage
  • Inspection of packing and delivery
  • Examination & attestation of electric and electronic appliances
  • Inspection & supervision of systems to protect against corrosion